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The Coiffure Collection (tm) - #MarvelousMIXXMavoureen

The Coiffure Collection (tm) - #MarvelousMIXXMavoureen

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Introducing The Coiffure Collection's Prima-HairDonna Hair Product: The #MarvelousMIXXMavoureen is a texture-style- loving, twisting, curling, and sculpting hair pot o' gold in a fingerful dream cream..."


"A food-grade based gourmet beauty & grooming substance you simply must use for yourself...then you'll know what all product ♡-ers know. 
It works!

An aromatic hair texture loving, twisting, curling, and sculpting hair product and dream cream formulated with a healthy hair care expert hand. Customers have enjoyed using the product to set their textured hair-styles with DaHairDoc's proprietary fruit and vegetable hairdressing blend to define textured hairstyles ready for a D.I.Y demonstration. 
Product usage suggestion: Once the textured hairstyle is set or sculpted with the product thoroughly cleanse hair, recondition, remoisturize and reapply. Set style can be refreshed with a floral water mist for aromatic refreshing, hair softening and aesthetic style appeal.