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DaHairDoc's SweetBerrie Hair Pie (tm)

DaHairDoc's SweetBerrie Hair Pie (tm)

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The sweeter the berrie, the juicy-iest, the natural curl setting/styling butter...and let me tell you more ;).

"Romance Is IN The H-AIR Everyday!" ~@DaHairDoctor Brings Back 
New Product <3. 
"SweetBerrie Hair Pie (tm)" ♡ as a 
[ Limited Edition] Product!  in even more Limited Quantities (0>0)

"Nourishing and hair comorting product by with multiple riche ingredients just like Mom's homemade berry pies-based. Romance your hair back into a LOVING regimen.

Formulated with Natures most soft, supple and superior definition ingredients, and as is (DaHairDoc's healthy proprietary-formulations in all her hair + skin blends) inclusive of all the humectifying, fruitful/foodie-grade based ingredients like her  super butter mixes + aloe vera, honey, pineapple, green tea, strawberries, coconut et.als. NOSEY-AROMA YUMMMMMMMMMMM city for natural hair junkie loving people!

Go ahead spoon some into your clean, damp hair before air-drying, hair steaming, and/or curl/twist/loc/braid multi-texture hair styling. SweetBerrie Hair Pie is great for deep, bouncy, springy curl/twist pattern definition of any hair type, bringing glossy shine and a super softening treatment that will make your hair romance last forever with increased style usage." ~@DAHAIRDOCTOR of