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DaHairDoc's "SUCK-IT-UP" Bella Butter

DaHairDoc's "SUCK-IT-UP" Bella Butter

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"You can finally supply the deepest replenishment needs of the hair, scalp and skin of the body to maintain its softness, moistness, vitality and healthy glow. This all-purpose beauty butter blend will massage moisture back where it needs to be replenished (great for damaged-colored & over-processed dry hair types, after swimming or post-workout luxe treatment, eczema, calloused and extra dry n' thirsty skin soothing repair cream...smells and feels so good to hair and skin you'll want to spread some on quickly out of this tub onto your toes...just remember...toes...not your toast!"

* For twists-outs, braid-outs and curl-outs that shout, combine equal (1/2 & 1/2) amounts of DaHairDoc's Fantastic Hair Elastic (tm) with DaHairDoc's "SUCK-IT-UP" Bella Butter (tm) 

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