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DaHairDoc's Fresh "Berry Face Juice"

DaHairDoc's Fresh "Berry Face Juice"

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"A great "wake up, wash up and glow" multi-vitamin infused fresh berry-beauty facial juice-wash which doubles as an all over body cleanser and (natural liquid *exfoliant) that will 'rise 'n shine' up a fresh face for every a.m. cleansing occasion." - @dahairdoctor

DaHairDoc's Licensed Esthetics Recommendation: Be sure to rinse product thoroughly off skin with cool water and avoid direct sun exposure. Apply a gentle face moisturizer following use of this product. Consult a dermatologist if you have a chronic skin inflammation condition or are being treated with topical skin treatments before using.

FBU - The FACE VIP Book School & Social PR Textbook & Tool​ (available now on Amazon) recommends this facial cleanser both men and women can use. (100% Naturally Scented) "Put on your berry best face #everyday with DaHairDoc's Fresh Berry #Face Juice (tm) - DaHairDoc Beauty eScriptions (tm) available now at (@facebookingu)

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