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DaHairDoc's Top 3 DaHairDoc #Spring Hair + Skincare Products

Posted by Tracey Bond on

DaHairDoc's Top 3 DaHairDoc #Spring Hair + Skincare Products

Assuming you've taking excellent care this past winter with your hair, you should be getting into the warmer weather swing of beauty-full Spring hair and skincare things. DaHairDoc suggests 3 products to help you enjoy your hair better, with the healthy and humectant rewards this season brings i.e:

#1) Like sunshine and rain, hair needs a balance of elements to grow healthy, long and nourishment-strong. For rain #dewy curls that seem to spring to life during April weather showers try: DaHairDoc's DewBew DewBee Dew Hair-Wrapping DEW Balm 

#2) Tired of that same of product smell with no in-season garden-fresh variety? Start a new Spring Fling with a sweet hint of romance in our island romance hair + skin 'bella" sheer butter blend: TAHITIAN ROSE Suck-It-Up Bella Butter

#3) Last but not least, make a big Spring hair & beauty care deal with DahairDoc's berry-best face juicy cleanser that double-dew-ties as a  curly hair softening, definining, clarifying lotion too...for ohhh so lucky you: DaHairDoc's Fresh "Berry Face Juice"

While the garden fresh face, hair and skincare is springing up new, choose 3 products that will renew the "Who's Who" that's so beautifully you when you smart-beauty-shop 

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